Learn the fundamental principles of the Scrum@Scale framework in 4 hours with this live, interactive course. Start guiding your company through innovation & change with the only scaling framework designed by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum.

Get the Fundamentals, Quickly

Becoming familiar with and adopting components of Scrum@Scale takes time. Take an iterative approach with our Registered Scrum@Scale Fundamentals™ Course. During this short, interactive course, you will:

  • Get a comprehensive overview of the Scrum@Scale framework from a skilled, vetted Scaling expert
  • Understand the main mega-issues that plague  underperforming organisations everywhere
  • Improve your understanding of Lean principles and develop your Agile mindset
  • Start to lay the foundation for achieving dramatically better business results in your organisation
  • Get hands-on, real-time practice with exercises designed to reinforce critical concepts
  • Download your Certificate of Completion and share your achievement with your network

By the end of the Scrum@Scale Fundamentals course, you will be:

  • Confident that you know the core, fundamental aspects of the Scrum@Scale framework
  • Motivated to share key insights with your teams and leadership
  • Focused on the mega-issues in your organisation standing in the way of Agility
  • Informed that you’ve found a solution to scaling Scrum

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