" I had the great pleasure of having successfully completed my My Scrum @ Scale certification online delivered by Mohammed. The learning material was "served" online in 4 different sessions and the time between them allowed for deeper reflections & better understanding. I would like to thank Mohammed for being such a flexible, knowledgeable, and dedicated trainer, who is genuinely interested in trainee's understanding and success.”


Mohammed is a great mentor, coach, teacher. I attended a Scrum@Scale course of his. Mohammed was able to break down the concepts and apply real-world examples that led to better comprehension. He was even patient enough during breaks to support apply the concepts to my situations at work. Highly recommend to anyone, beginner or advanced, to take his courses or have him empower our organization.


I attended a Scrum Master class taught by Mohammed. The knowledge and understanding that he brings to teaching is thorough enough that anyone at any level of Scrum will comprehend. His willingness to sit down individually or provide more examples is well worth the price of the class.


I have worked with Mohammed for a number of years on many assignments. His skills and knowledge are equally matched with his approach to problem-solving and team working which is exemplary. More recently, I attended his SCRUM Refresher course and can't thank him enough for his support and guidance as an AGILE coach/trainer in me getting my PSM I certification.
I would highly recommend Mohammed's services for anything to do with Agile & SCRUM. He would be an asset to any organization looking to adopt SCRUM to increase their productivity and revenue.


Mohammed is a great instructor! I attended SAFe Scrum Master training that Mohammed recently conducted. He is very knowledgable and took time to answer the questions we had and he made it a fun and interactive learning session. I would highly recommend Mohammed's training sessions to anyone who would like to get SAFe certified.


I have experienced Mohammed’s exceptional training skills during the “Leading SAFe” workshop. He has in-depth knowledge of this topic and his interaction style, toolset expertise and other relevant aspects make him one of the best in the training world. Thanks Mohammed!!!


Mohammad’s training skills are exceptional and a model for others; his knowledge of Agile and the platform he utilized to support activities he created for the virtual group to truly be interactive was impressive. Highly recommend for any level of Agile learning.


Mohammed is a great instructor, he is affable, knowledgeable, and respectful. He engaged the group well, keeping us moving forward without the course feeling heavy or boring. The three days flew by, and I particularly appreciated how he provided feedback. It was balanced, fair and honest. I hope to have him instruct me again in the ICP Agile Team Facilitation course.

I am grateful that I was able to learn from Mohammed.


I had recently attended training by Mohammad Rowther on Scrum@scale. His way of teaching and explaining concepts was really great. He focused on simple yet effective ways to implement Agile/Scrum. The examples that he had given during training were very much relevant to the real industry experiences. Overall, I really enjoyed his training session. I would also like to highlight here that this entire session had completely transformed the way of working for all of us. We had been doing the things anyways during
our day-to-day activities but the scaling methodology has brought empowered all of us in a better way of working and improving organisational ROI along with our Mindset as well.


I was a student of Mohammed's for a SAFe Scrum Master Certification course, and I must say that he is an AWESOME instructor. He is very knowledgeable and did a great job answerig questions and breaking things down when it got a little complex. He actually made "training" fun and interactive with scenarios that helped us understand SAFe. I'm excited and confident to take my Certification exam, and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to increase their knowledge about agile!!!


I attended Scrum@Scale training with Mohammed Rowther .it was 2 days(8 hr/day) training.The training was well organised with content and lots of Activity based discussion which help me lot to understand framework.I would highly recommend for this training.


Mohammed is an excellent training facilitator. Our ICP-ACC course was interactive, and Mohammed did a great job at marrying theory with real life situations. Great virtual learning experience.


Mohammed is an excellent facilitator and he possesses the critical skill of patience when guiding his students to learn and understand concepts. When he heard that one of his students were not quite understanding something, he took the time to explain it in a different way, or to conceptualize the topic so it was understood. The participants each had a good skill set going into the course, but we each came away with further knowledge about Agile Coaching with Mohammed's help. Highly recommend Mohammed as an instructor/facilitator.


Mohammed is a phenomenal instructor! He is great at breaking down complex methodologies and delivering them with clarity and grace. Mohammed was fully prepared and was able to answer any questions the class threw at him. Most importantly, he was able to keep the class fully engaged the entirety of the course. I highly recommend Mohammed as an instructor and facilitator. Well done Mohammed!


Mohammed is a very good trainer. He understands the audience and teach accordingly. I'm fortunate enough to learn from him in early stages of my career. The amount of efforts he puts to make the class interesting makes him different from other.


“Mohammed is a great teacher - I had the privilege of being in a team that was mentored partly by Mohammed. His ability to encourage, raise moods, explain technical concepts using simple analogies in gentle tones is so amazing and I definitely look forward to working with him again!”

SamuelSoftware Engineer

“I attended a Scrum@Scale remote course facilitated by Mohammed. He explained step by step all the concepts and shared valuable practical use cases. It was an interactive and hands on remote training with several good exercises. At the end I was able to fully understand and implement by myself Scrum@Scale. I highly recommend Mohammed for this training.”

JorgeEnterprise Agile Coach

“Mohammed greatly supported us as an Agile Coach, as we were setting up a cross-located development factory. His profound and up-to-date knowledge and skills were crucial for the team getting the best start possible. It was a great pleasure having him on the team. I would highly recomment Mohammed to other projects and teams, looking to get support on Agile & Scrum Topics.”

SonjaDirector IT Solutions

“Mohamed joined us as an agile coach for couple of Months,
He was very informative, knowledgeable with needed agile practises that helped us relase our pain points and our areas of improvement as a team and this helped us put on our thinking hats and come up with a lot of ideas that can improve our scrum
Thank you Mohamed for the great support and knowledge.”

EnasProduct Lead

“I have experienced Mohammed’s exceptional training skills during the “Leading SAFe” workshop. He has in-depth knowledge of this topic and his interaction style, toolset expertise and other relevant aspects make him one of the best in the training world. Thanks Mohammed!!!”

VirenSenior Program Manager

“Amidst the crowd of online trainings, workshops, seninars, conferences and certification courses, few can make a real & lasting impact by maintaining a balance between presentations and team collaboration activities. Mohammed is one of those few.
I could experience the effectiveness of his Scrum at Scale workshop, where he adroitly led us through mural activities, scenario discussions and real time business doodles to impart the learnings.
All the best and keep it up Mohammed !”

PankajAgile Change Catalyst

“Mohammed is an excellent instructor! He recently conducted SAFe Scrum Master training for me and 11 others. Mohammed fostered a professional and relaxed environment that enhanced our learning. Additionally, his years of expertise in Agile was an asset to the course. I would highly recommend Mohammed’s courses to anyone looking to certify in Agile or SAFe.”

JasonDigital PM

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